Hi, I'm having some problems with root, how do I make root--web=off? Could you help me with that?

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Hi, I’m having some problems with root, how do I make root–web=off? Could you help me with that?

How exactly are you starting root? and is it Windows? Linux?

On Linux, once you’ve installed root and run root, it links you to a web page, and I don’t want to use a web page.

When you start the ROOT interpreter of run a script from the terminal, you just run:

> root --web=off

instead of:

> root

If you don’t want to do this every time, you can also add this line to the .rootrc file in your home directory:

Browser.Name: TRootBrowser

If the ~/.rootrc file doesn’t exist yet, you need to create it manually.

Source: ROOT 7 - ROOT

I only know the first method, but I don’t know the method that can solve the problem fundamentally. Could you please give me more details? I am a novice, thank you

Since you are on Linux, you can just open a terminal and copy-paste this command before hitting enter:

echo "Browser.Name: TRootBrowser" >> ~/.rootrc

I would recommend to learn a bit about the Linux filesystem, the terminal, and editing files if you didn’t understand the original answer. Learning about this will definitely pay off!


All right, thank you.

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