Hey so I'm very new to coding can you help me make this work?

so i make a lot of Virtual machines and i dont own enough usb’s to just keep them laying around so i use diskpart and this would make my life easier just i cant figure it out because diskpart opens the second window i did see ppl using a txt file to run a list of commands but i dint have any luck there

//opens new CMD page
list disk
//shows all storage on machine
select disk %VAR-to%
//where is your USB
//Clean slate
create partition primary
select partition 1
//be sure its formated
//and turned on
format fs=ntfs quick label=”%VAR-Name%”
//almost done 
//exit second CMD
//Original microsoft ISO
cd boot
//formated USB
bootsect /nt60 e:
//i dont know lol
xcopy %VAR-From%:\*.* %VAR-to%:\ /E /H /F
//and copy the whole cd to the bootable usb


I believe you posted on wrong forum, this is a forum for ROOT Analysis software framework: https://root.cern