Hexagonal Mirror

Hi rooters,

Is there a way of creating a curved-hexagonal ‘shape’ in root?. I wish to use such a volume as a mirror facet in a Davis-Cotton mirror.

So far I have used the Sphere shape and specified the angluar cuts appropriately. This is fine for the radius of curvature, but I end up with the wrong edge shape.

Can I create a hexagon type shape (using polygon) and then ‘add’ or ‘subtract’ the sphere and the hexagon to get the correct radius of curvature and edge shape?

Or does ‘divide’ allow the division of a sphere section about some edges? (even imposing a circular edge would do).

Or do I need to specify my shape from scratch as a very complicated polygon/polycone?

Please let me know if you need me to ellaborate.



Hi Rich,

You can use a TGeoSphere intersected with a TGeoPgon. I will send you an example macro tomorrow.

Here it is.
mirror.C (1.02 KB)

Cheers, works perfectly and looks brilliant!

Thanks again,