Help with libraries


So I am putting ROOT on a new computer running centOS 5.

I downloaded the binaries and set the environment variables (I think).

Now, if I cd to $ROOTSYS/bin/ and do

I get the error

[root@localhost bin]# ./root
./root: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks and sorry if this is a total beginner question.


I am trying to learn ROOT myself, but I have learned to install missing libraries.

If you need x86 32 bit
try to download the rpm from … 6.rpm.html

if 64 bit use … 4.rpm.html

Source is also available on those pages if you want to compile yourself. I forget the rpm commands to install, but try
rpm -Uvh libXpm-3.*

This should allow the X Window system to work with ROOT.

Again, I’m not a ROOT expert, I just have supplied missing libraries for my Fedora installations before. I hope this works, if not, sorry to have wasted your time and posted here.