Help with displaying the total number of bins/counts

Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to display the total number of bins. I know you can use the ‘Event Status’ and search for the sum of the bins manually, but if there is a way to display the total number of counts for the entire histogram, it would be much appreciated.

see the “stats” box


Thanks. You can also use “histogram_name.Print()” command to display the total number of counts.

I have one more question pertaining to the last one. How do you find the total number of entries in just your current display (e.g. you have made the range smaller/zoomed in on your histogram)?

Thanks again.

see documentation of TStyle::SetOptStat at … SetOptStat
and select, eg

gStyle->SetOptStat("nemri"); By selecting the "i"ntegral option the “stats” box will show the integral of bins in the zoomed range


Thank you so much. Works great.