Help on batch problem with a ROOT macro

Dear experts,
I write in this forum because the CERN Service Desk redirected me here.
I am trying to launch in batch my analysis, which is a ROOT macro
taking flat ntuples as input. The input ntuples are located in a Tier
2 GRID. Here an example of the input file path:

root:// … 1_n2A.root

when I launch my analysis in interactive mode from an lxplus machine
(on a small fraction of the input files,as a test), I am asked to put
my PEM password and everything works.
The size of all the input files is too big to run them interactively.
When I try to launch the same analysis in batch the jobs crash with
the following error:

140324 23:47:56 001 Xrd: CheckErrorStatus: Server
[] declared: Unable to open
Permission denied(error code: 3010)
140324 23:47:56 001 Xrd: Open: Error opening the file
on host
Error in TXNetFile::CreateXClient: open attempt failed on
root:// … 1_Lxr.root

*** Break *** segmentation violation

Thread 3 (Thread 0x2b6ed13b0940 (LWP 23954)):

My guess is that this is due to a problem with the authentication.
How can I solve this problem? Is there a way to access these files on
a storage element through the batch system?

Thank you

Best Regards

Martina Machet


this seems indeed an authentication/analysis workflow issue rather than a root issue.
Experiments, as for example CMS, usually provide a standard way to run grid jobs.