Help Installing ROOT Please!

I am entering graduate school in the Fall and wanted to get a head start messing around with the program that my school is going to be using. I’m sure I’m not the first to need help getting ROOT installed but I can’t figure it out. I am following the INSTALL txt file and need someone to help me. I’m working with a MAC version 10.13 and the latest ROOT version. I don’t know what compiler I use, I just work with the Terminal application that came on the MAC.


You don’t need to mess around with the build system if you just want to try out ROOT! You can check out the binary distribution from this page There you can find a .dmg installer.

If I remember correctly you should just have to drag the root icon to your applications folder to complete the installation. Then you can write root in your terminal.

If you run into trouble, with this step, you can check here

It was just brought to my attention that brew install root would also be a possibility should you happen to use homebrew. (This way installing is not officially supported, also I don’t know the status for other mac package managers e.g. macports etc.)


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