Help in 2D-3D histograms

Dear ROOT users,
I need some help. This is my first post and I’m sorry if i post it in a wrong place.
I draw 2-D and 3-D histograms using ROOT(ex-X,Y,Energy). Although i use all the options given in user manuel I do not get a better view. Are there any options for 3D histograms?
Can anybody help me to plot in a better way.


we need more explanations from your side. What do you mean by
a “better view”?
You can visualize a TH3 with 2 main options
-"" (default) a 3-d scatter plot
-“box” a box plot with a box size proportional to the bin contents

In addition, you can set;
-the view angles (via TPad::setTheta, Phi) or interactively with the mouse
-set line/fill/marker attributes

In case you want to show unbinned data, you can also have a look at the class TGraph2D and associated tutorials


Thanks for the reply. Actually I used all the available options of 2D & 3D. But my plot was not good.I get a very small peak in a corner.But if I used just draw() its not like that.Here I have attached my program to see if there is any problem.

My data file can be found at
Thanks again
DNA3D.C (2.92 KB)