[HELP!]file probably overwritten problem

I work for STAR experiment.Recently I try to retrieve the raw data from the remote cluster by creating root files storing selected events locally.
But some root files will always be made zombies , and that part is of a big portion of the whole data.

I checked the out put file, the last line shows that :
file probably overwritten: stopping reporting error messages
Starting copy block

I checked the source file in Branch.cxx , it shows that there are two occasions that this error message gonna show:
file is more than 2 GB
your file is bigger than the maximum file size allowed on your system.

I don’t think any of these two occasions gonna happen, first, I limit the tree size by using the SetMaxTreeSize method, second, the other similar size jobs run well.

Can anybody give me hint on this problem?

Can you find out if the actual file is really corrupted?

Yes,the output root files are corrupted and cannot be read.

I checked the .out files, some end with the "file overwritten " message. Some end with “abort”, no more error information provided.