Help : Contz

Dear All,
while I draw a scatter plot in a Canvas using the Contz option (contour plot) I am exactly getting the correct plots.

But while I try to save the 2D Contz plots in a root file all the colour which is supposed to present in a contour plot disappear and I got only a simple 2D scatter plot.

So, is there any trick to save the Contz plots in a root file.


Have you tried the newest ROOT v5-34-00-patches branch?

BTW. What do you exactly mean by “save the 2D Contz plots in a root file”?

P.S. You can find two simple examples (with source code included) for “CONTZ” and “CONT1Z” options here:
Can you try them? I get the same picture from a canvas saved in a root file as the one created directly by running the corresponding macro.