Hello, I am a new member

I just joined the forum, I also have a little knowledge about ROOT so I want to learn more from you. Glad to welcome here

Welcome @nickjonson!

Hello dear @eguiraud hope you’re good. Actually I have used ROOT a bit, but on windows, and I have installed it on Mac but every time when I have to use it I have to type, source bin/thisroot.sh. Can you help me how to set it open when I type simply root?
will be thankful

I’m just a beginner about ROOT like you

Hi, in the future please create a new thread to ask your question!

What you want is to execute source path/to/root/installation/bin/thisroot.sh whenever a terminal is started. The typical way on linux (and it should work on Mac too) is to add that line at the end of a file called .bashrc (note the initial dot) in your home directory (full path: ~/.bashrc).