Header TROOT.h missing

Hello all
I’m trying to configure pythia 8303 with ROOT using the following command:
./configure --with-root=/home/thomasaur/Downloads/ROOT --with-root-bin=/home/thomasaur/Downloads/ROOT/bin --with-root-lib=/home/thomasaur/Downloads/ROOT/lib --with-root-include=/home/s/Downloads/ROOT/include/root --lcg=/home/thomasaur/Downloads/root

but I’m getting this error:
WARNING: CXX not set, using g++.
WARNING: Disabling ROOT - header TROOT.h missing
How can I fix this?
_ROOT Version:root-6.16.00
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Compiler: Not Provided

Is /home/thomasaur/Downloads/ROOT the path to the ROOT sources? It might be necessary to compile and install ROOT first, and then point to the installation tree, i.e. $ROOTSYS. This is just a guess, it might be rather a question for the Pythia community.

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