Having to loop beyond GetNbinsX/Y/Z for TH1/TH2


I was trying to loop through a 3D histogram and fill the no. of entries that fits my requirement to a 2D histogram (but defined as TH1* because it was from the Project3D(“yx”) method).
But while I was looping through it, I have to go 2 bins beyond the number of bins I got via GetNbinsX(/Y/Z), otherwise some entries are lost.

I’m wondering why, and whether this would cause any problems?

TH1* hEtaptb= h3D->Project3D("yx");
TH1* effMapAfter=hEtaptb; //copy the hist
effMapAfter->Reset(); //make it a blank hist

int nbinsx = h3D->GetNbinsX();
int nbinsy = h3D->GetNbinsY();
int nbinsz = h3D->GetNbinsZ();

for (ptIt=0;ptIt<=nbinsx+1;ptIt++){
    for (etaIt=0;etaIt<=nbinsy+1;etaIt++){
        //cutIndices is an array consist of some bin numbers. Only want the entries with bin numbers above those numbers

My nbinsx, nbinsy and nbinsz are already supposed to be the total no. of bins, i.e. starting from 0th bin, I shouldn’t even have to include the "nbinsx"th bin. However I have to go beyond them (instead of “<nbinsx”, do “<=nbinsx+1”) to get all my entries. I suppose it has something to do with overflow bins? But I have never used overflow bins and don’t think the 3D hist has any (at least not added by me on purpose)…

Thanks for the help!
Best wishes

ROOT Version: 6.22/02
Platform: lxplus
Compiler: Not Provided

In ROOT, underflow bin’s number is 0, overflow bin’s number is Nbins + 1 and ordinary histogram bins are numbered from 1 to Nbins (inclusive).

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I see, so that’s completely different from an array or list. Thanks a lot for your explanation!

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