Have fun in the chat box!

The tlk.io/roothep is a bit unfriendly:

  1. Its window is quite big, but for the actual “text messages”, it uses only half of the window’s width (lines are about 60 characters) and the font is too big (for me) -> please find attached a “tlk.io compact custom theme” css file (note: in order to use the attached file, you need to rename it into something like “tlkio.theme.compact.css”, so that its name ends with “.css”; users who do not like the “compact” look and feel, may simply use tlk.io/roothep to get the “default” theme).

  2. With the default setting, the “history” is extremely limited -> it actually keeps messages for 10 minutes -> I think we need at least the last 48 hours (or something like the last 1000 messages) -> this can be changed by the owner of the chat (“keep forever” is available).

  3. It seems to be linked to Twitter (name and avatar) although it also allows to use a nickname without Twitter’s login -> warning: it allows to use an “empty” nickname, but if you do this, you will not be able to post any message (in order to “Sign out”, you need to open the menu and then click the small “user” button). Note also that the total number of currently “joined” users will be visible only after you “join” (otherwise it will show 0).

  4. There exists a dedicated “Delete my messages” button in the “Admin” sub-menu, but I was able to delete just my very last message, all previous were left unchanged -> maybe the problem is that I just use a nickname, not any Twitter’s name. Actually, the message was not removed completely -> only its contents was replaced with the text “Message removed by author”. Note: in order to see this button, after “joining”, one needs to “reload” the page in the browser (also in another cases, when something does not look right, “reloading” the page in the browser helps).
    tlkio.theme.compact.css.txt (2.7 KB)