Has TMinuitFitter been removed from Root 6?

I thought I would try out Root6, but when I downloaded 6.04.02 (either with git or with tar.gz) TMinuitFitter doesn’t exist, so I can’t link our code against Root6. Is this on purpose? Is there a work around?


root 6:
ls /home/aksel/rootzip/root-6.04.02/math/minuit2/inc/*.h

root 4.34.18
ls ~/deap/ratcagels /root-5.34.18/math/minuit2/inc/*.h

Hi Aksel,

yes, in favour of the TVirtualFitter


And in the post referenced below Lorenzo says: “… I would like to deprecate the TVirtualFitter class …” :mrgreen:

I let Lorenzo comment about the deprecation strategy.
I think that my post is aiming to help Aksel clarifying the current status.


Thanks for the information - at least I know I am not crazy.

From a practical perspective, I think that this means we can’t go to Root6 without substantively changing our analysis (we couldn’t, for instance, do a typical test where we would expect the Root6 results to be identical to Root5); so from a collaboration perspective the only time we could go to Root6 would be before any real analysis has happened or at the beginning of a new analysis. One wold need to redo any systematics studies.