Has 'root-system' been removed from Debian repository?

The version in debian “unstable” stage is 5.24.00. But it is 198 days old since last update. Now, I cannot install the unstable one from some depository mirror. :frowning:
I’m using it. And I like the apt repository. Hope it can be active again. :slight_smile:


please install from source; you will enjoy that even more because it’s a recent release :slight_smile: Just download the source from root.cern.ch/drupal/content/inst … oot-source

Cheers, Axel.

OK. It’s also good to build my own debian packages. When I need to deploy it on a brand new machine which has nothing but the basic debian system, I type “apt-get install root-system”, then everything which the package depends on will be automatically installed, such as the “libxml2, libqt4, …” etc. You don’t have time to build from scratch each time you need it. So, a ready-to-install package is quite needed.
I found the building files for Debian system is already there: /build/package/debian
It’s good to follow some instructions to make my own packages, such as: mirror.phy.bnl.gov/debian-root/rebuild.html
But the official supported packages might be good for every debian users, because not everyone can make their own debs easily. I hope the maintainer can think about to provide binaries for debian. Thanks a lot!

Sorry, I have found the packages for debian here:

Sadly, the packages in mirror.phy.bnl.gov/debian-root are quite outdated. :-<