Hadd same 2 files, different size each attempt


I have 2 .root files, file1.root and file2.root
When I hadd them

hadd ALL_file.root file1.root file2.root
hadd Target file: ALL_file.root
hadd Source file 1: file1.root
hadd Source file 2: file2.root
hadd Target path: ALL_file.root:/

I get the size of
ifarm1102> du -sh ALL_file.root
224M ALL_file.root

Then I deleted this file and hadded the 2 files again, I changed nothing in the 2 files

ifarm1102> du -sh ALL_file.root
196M ALL_file.root

Notice the file size changed.
I can do this a few more times and get file sizes 195M, 235M

*edit: The files size of each file is
ifarm1102> du -sh file1.root
33M file1.root
ifarm1102> du -sh file2.root
192M file2.root

However the number of entries in each file is the same.

I am just wondering why the file size change.

Hi Michael,

This is indeed quite unexpected. Could you try again with v5.34/32 (v5.34/10 is quite old) or v6.05/02?