Hadd return codes


We’re using hadd in ROOT v5.18.00c on Linux Red Hat 9. We actually utilize hadd as part of our data processing pipeline. In some instances, we have run out of disk space, which is noted in the output log:
Error in TFile::WriteBuffer: error writing all requested bytes to file /scratch/25200/r0244481837_e00000000000007847368_merit.root, wrote 2425028 of 4647496
SysError in TFile::WriteBuffer: error writing to file /scratch/25200/r0244481837_e00000000000007847368_merit.root (-1) (No space left on device)

However, hadd returns zero. Is there any way hadd could return an error, so that an error condition such as this could be spotted without having to look over the logs?


hi Heather,

Thanks for this suggestion. I have added a return code to hadd
0 if OK, -1 otherwise


Hi Rene,