Hadd problem OS X 10.9

Dear All,

I just installed root in my new mac OS X 10.9 following this recipe :

git clone root.cern.ch/git/root.git root_v5.34.00-patches-131025
cd root_v5.34.00-patches-131025
git checkout -t origin/v5-34-00-patches
./configure macosx64 --enable-tmva --enable-roofit
and after source bin/thisroot.sh

The compilation went well and I am able to run my code that read root files with TTrees and fill some histograms… BUT and the end of my job I want to merge several root files and I can’t.
I was usually using
hadd -f total.root outtmc12_run126933_trilep.root outtmc12_run126932_trilep.root

and now I can’t, I get this error
zsh: segmentation fault hadd -f total.root outtmc12_run126933_trilep.root
or in batch Segmentation fault: 11

I attach the root files that I want to merge here. I merge them with an older version of root installed in a OS X 10.6.8 and the files merge perfectly, so they are not corrupted…

Do anyone has an idea?? :confused:

Thank you!
outtmc12_run126933_trilep.root (247 KB)
outtmc12_run126932_trilep.root (262 KB)