Hadd Merge gets "killed"

Dear experts,

I am trying to merge a large number of root files (1000 files) using hadd, but unfortunately, it’s getting killed. I have also observed a similar effect when the file size is large.


hadd Target path: Run2017C_UL2017_v1.root:/
hadd Target path: Run2017C_UL2017_v1.root:/analyzeBasicPat2D
hadd Target path: Run2017C_UL2017_v1.root:/analyzeBasicPat
./hadd_all.sh: line 10: 138133 Killed                  hadd Run2017C_UL2017_v1.root /uscmst1b_scratch/lpc1/3DayLifetime/sbarman/Jet/observables/2017/13Jun2024/data/Run2017C_UL2017/Test_Data_2017UL_1*

So, I am merging with small chunks of files manually.

Could you please let me know what is the cause of this issue and how I could merge a large number of files with “hadd” in one go?

*I am using a slightly older version of root due to compatibility issues with my analysis code.

ROOT Version: ROOT 6.28/00
Platform: linuxx8664gcc
Compiler: g++ (GCC) 11.3.0


There were recently some memory leaks fixed in hadd.
Please retry with 6.32

If it still crashes, then it’s maybe related to `hadd` segfaults when the output file is too large · Issue #10102 · root-project/root · GitHub

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