Hadd files containing std::vector<TH1F>

I have various Root files containing a std::vector<TH1F> . I’d need to hadd the histograms and obtain a result file with a std::vector of hadded histograms. I think it can be quite easily done by means of straightforward C++ code, but before diving into coding I’d like to know if some standard Root tool similar to hadd is able to do it.

I have created a small program doing what I need for std::vector<TH1F> and std::vector<TH2F>, but easily extensible to other std::vector<TH*>. It’s not very refined and It has been tested only partially but it works more or less. Here’s a link vecthadd.tar.gz (2.3 KB) for those who might be interested, feel free to use the code as you like.

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