Hadd and THStacks


It appears the hadd utility does not support merging THStacks. Does that sound correct? Would the ROOT development community be interested in a patch to add support, were I to write one?

Matthew Lockner

Hi Matt,

Of course you are welcome to implement this improvement. =D>

Let us know if you make progress.


Hello Rene,

Patch is attached as patch_hadd.cxx (the board wouldn’t allow the .patch extension…). It is a diff against a trunk copy, updated this afternoon. Working fine for what I needed it for, but feel free to let me know if a bug is found down the road.

M. Lockner
patch_hadd.cxx (1.69 KB)

Hi Matt,

Great! and well done.
Your patch is now in SVN.
I will include the corresponding changes in TFileMerger too.