H2root not working in 5.12


I’m having trouble with the h2root command to convert an hbook into a root file. I was able to use the command with no problem in Root 3 point something, but the system I’m working on recently had the old Root removed and was upgraded to 5.12. Now when I try to do:

h2root filename.hst filename.root

I get a message: “h2rootfilename not defined in current scope”.

I tried just doing:


. . . with no filenames and I get “h2root not defined in current scope” - as though it doesn’t recognize the h2root command.

Does anyone know what’s going on here? I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Did you import our binaries tar file? if yes which one?
If you installed from source, did you specify the --cernlib option when configuring? If yes could you send the log of teh configure command?


I didn’t install it; the system admin did.

The CERN libraries should be open though when I use it - I opened them before starting root.

The system admin tells me that she didn’t compile it, she just imported the binaries. It’s the production version 5.12/00.

Any idea what the problem could be?

which file did you import? which machine/os/compiler?