H2root gives me wrong data

I have a CWN and one column is not being correctly translated into root with h2root, zero all the way. I use “h2root myntuple.hbk myntuple.root”.

My ROOT is 4.02/00, on Solaris.

But when I use the h2root coming with ROOT 4.00/08 on Linux, that column is translated correctly.

Then I checked further by generating the Class definition of this Ntuple and found all the UChar_t type columns, considered by ROOT, are not being correctly translated – all zero.

Are there special options for 4.02/00? Or this is a bug? Or I did something wrong?

This problem was fixed after 4.02. In your case specify teh 5th parameter as 0

$ h2root ******Error in invoking h2root ===> h2root file.hbook file.root [compress] [tolower] [lrecl] [bufsize] [optcwn] if file.root is not given it will be = file.root compress = 1 by default (use 0 for no compression) tolower = 1 by default (use 0 to keep case of column names) lrecl =0 by default (must be specified if >8092) bufsize = 8000 by default (branch buffer size) for cwn ntuple only: optcwn = 1 (default) 1-byte int -> char, 2-byte int -> short, (use 0 to keep 4-byte int)