H2root crash: error in CFSEEK

Hi Root expert:

When I convert a hbook file to root file, it prompt:

RZOPEN. Error in the input file
Cannot open fileHROPEN 0
Error on hropen was 3
Error cannot open input file: data.hbk

I try to open the data.hbk file in PAW,
when I attach the file, it was crashed and prompt:
error in CFSEEK: Invalid argument

It seems the hbook file is too big, 500Mb, cause this problem.
The other small hbook files do not have this problem.

How to solve this problem?

could you put the file somewhere accessible?

I could try one of my Go-based tools on it…


It seems I can’t open the hbook file larger than 300Mb.
When I type: hi/file 1 data.hbk, it prompt: error in CFSEEK: Invalid argument

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