H2root and integer conversion


I am working a set of data saved into paw ntuple. I want to use ROOT, so I use the h2root program. Here’s the problem: some variables type is not converted properly. I tried this
on two different machines, with the same result.

I couldn’t attach the ntuple file, but you can find it here:


The variable I’m interested in is the I*4 “slat” . It is converted into a /B (what is /B? bolean?) and when I try to assign an “int” to it, it complains that it’s a char instead:
Error in : The pointer type given “Int_t” (3) does not correspond to the type needed “Char_t” (1) by the branch: slat

Notice that many other I*4 variables are converted correctly.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ok by doing a conversion after I get the variables as char it works:

(int) slat gives the correct answer.

I’m sorry if this was documented somewhere and I wasted someone’s time, I couldn’t find it.