Guide: Root 6 & Anaconda 3.6

Hello All,

In order to read root files into python and use all of the wonderful packages available in anaconda I worked out building root against an external anaconda library. I wrote a quick guide in case this install needs to be replicated in the future. Since I found resources for this kind of install to be sparse I am sharing a link to my guide here.



this is very useful, thanks a lot!!
Maybe @amadio can help refine your ROOT build steps, I see you are mixing configure with cmake which is a bit weird.

I should probably add this to the how-to section afterwards :slight_smile:


Note that the current Anaconda (and the python it provides) is using gcc 7.2 and this compiler is binary compatible with gcc provided by Ubuntu 18. That’s why you can use them together.

Thanks guys!

I am a novice with linux, so any notes on things that are unclear or that I should append to the guide please let me know. I am eager to make this guide as accurate, brief, and clear as I possibly can :smiley:


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