GUI Window to Window communication

I am wondering if there is a window to window communication that could be done in ROOT. Any class or documentation ?

There are several ways. For example the signal/slot mechanism and TGFrame::SendMessage. Or even uing sockets…

I have three windows w1, w2, w3. w1 spawns w2, w3. How can I send the “text label” from w2 or w3 to w1, where w1 is the main window ?
w: window

Currently I have passed the pointer of the main class which has two constructors, one that spawns w2 or w3. I would like to have a separate class that draws w2 or w3.

How can I use SendMesssage of w2 or w3 to get information back to w1 ?


For this, you better use the signal/slots mechanism, it has been especially designed for these use cases.

Cheers, Bertrand.