Gui under windows question

I installed the ROOT last version 4.03.04 at the two computers. The first works under Linux - Fedora and the second works under Windows XP. I am interesting in is it possible to create the similar graphical interface. I used example from the manual and only add the main menu to the first example. The code worked undrer the Linux. But I cannot connect the main menu with the methods of my class. Under the windows the same code was translated withou any messages but when it starts I got the error - __not_rtti_object. Using the debuger I know thar it arise from the command theApp.Run() of the main program.

Any comment about using GUI under the Windows would be very useful to me. And could anybody refine how to connect the Main menu with the class method. I did it how it was described in the HOWTO. The text button work. For the menu I wrote:
but I can see menu and click them without result.

Andrey Daniel :question:

everything works identically both
under windows and linux.
Check $ROOTSYS/tutorials/guitest.C
for details.

Regards. Valeriy