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I have a gui that I built on the guitest.C tutorial and then extended/modified. I decided to try and be responsible and do some memory management and make sure everything is being deleted properly. I will just reference the guitest.C tutorial since my code is built on it. As far as I can tell, the destructor for TestMainFrame is never called. All the other classes (TestDiaglog, TestSliders, etc.) have a CloseWindow() method which calls ‘delete this’ for the class and therefore calls their respective destructors. The MainFrame, under TestMainFrame, only calls gApplication->Terminate() under its CloseWindow() method.

I added in a print statement to the TestMainFrame::~TestMainFrame and saw that it is not called. So unless gApplication->Terminate() is doing some other cleanup, it seems that things are being left allocated and causing memory leaks. Should the CloseWindow be changed?:




delete this;

Where now the destructor will be called. Also, is there supposed to be a behavior difference between

delete fMain;



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_ROOT Version: 6.16.0
_Platform: Mac OSX 10.14.6
Compiler: Not Provided

You’re right, the deletion is missing (might still be called via gApplication->Terminate() though). And indeed this code should work:

Another solution would be to make TestMainFrame inheriting from TGMainFrame, instead of having it as class member…
And fMain->DeleteWindow(); makes proper cleanup before deleting the class itself, but both should work (might be tricky with the Window Manager)

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