Gui slot compilation problem

Dear rooters,
I am writing an GUI application, and I have followed the ‘guitest’ example to get my application started. At the root command, I can type:
[0] .L TMG.cpp
[1] f = new TMG()

, at which point my TMG() construct creates a GUI, initializes it and pops it up. I have all sorts of different buttons with different slots, and when I click on them, they perform the slot function, as planned.

My problem arises when I try to compile my application.
At the root command prompt, I type:

[0].L OtherClasses.cpp+
[0].L TMG.cpp+
Error in TQObject::CheckConnectArgs: slot TMG::MySlotFunction() does not exist
Error in TQObject::CheckConnectArgs: slot TMG::MySlotFunction2() does not exist

At this point, my GUI pops up, but none of the buttons perform the slot functions. In going from interpreted to compiled mode, something has failed. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Thank you,


Hi Brendan,

Very likely you did not create the dictionary for your class. Please see the example provided at: … highlight=

Best regards, Ilka