GUI programs in windows

I tried to run a gui test program in windows using Visual studio 2005.

It was Ok in root environment. But in VS, It was compiled and built, but when I ran it, error message came out as :

Error in TQObject::CheckConnectArgs: slot HandleButtons() does not exist

it seems the event and control components were not connected very well.

can anyone give some instructions ??


Could you provide a short demo illustrating the problem ?


I play with the tutorials/gui/listbox.c file.

see the attachment please. (2.69 KB)


There are two issues:

  1. do NOT link with *.lib, or at least avoid libNew.lib, which has custom new/delete
  2. you must generate dictionary for your class to be able to use signal/slots

Please take a look at your modified project in attachment.

Bertrand. (3.85 KB)

It works now.

Thank you so much.