GUI problem with TGHProgressBar under Windows

Hi, Rooters,

I can not update the state of TGHProgressBar. I am attaching the commented portion of the code that could be also used as small gui example.  The application is executed as stand-alone program with console window, that is why I could not derive my class from TGMainFrame to use ProcessMessage as Galina Asova in the post []( 

I use root_v3.10.02.win32gdk.tar.gz and MSVC 6 with service pack

Any suggestions ?

   Good luck,
                     Elena Litvinenko (2.9 KB)

Hello Elena,

I have made some modifications to your code to make it works.
Please read comments carefully… :wink:

Hope it helps,
etstgui.cxx (5.64 KB)

Hi, Bertrand,

Thanks a lot for your help. Sorry I am delayed with answer - it was weeked. You proposed to transfer from TRint to TApplication, and after that progressbar can be updated. It really works, but, what if I really need the interactive possibilities of TRint ?


P.S. The point instead of arrow appeared after commenting the line, I know about pointers. :wink:

Hi Elena,

You can keep TRint as in your original code, it will work the same,
just give a try ! :wink:


Thanks again, Bertrand,

   So, it was just redefinition error !  

     Good luck,
                      Elena   :blush: