GUI crashes


It seems to me, that CVS version contains some bug - when I’m trying to close canvas or browser (TCanvas, TBrowser) or Root’s object inspector - I have a crash. I noticed it in Linux and WinXP. I think, it can be simply reproduced, if really exists, but here is my trace

*** Break *** segmentation violation
Generating stack trace…
0x021b518a in TRootCanvas::~TRootCanvas() + 0xd8 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x00f955dc in TCanvas::Close(char const*) + 0x15c from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x00f95201 in TCanvas::Destructor() + 0x85 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x00f950d6 in TCanvas::~TCanvas() + 0x60 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x00fcdab4 in from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x0017ea97 in G__call_cppfunc + 0x266 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x0016e178 in G__interpret_func + 0x70d from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x00155d34 in G__getfunction + 0x134f from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x001b511d in G__destroy_upto + 0x372 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x001b4d9f in G__scratch_globals_upto + 0x27 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x008f4905 in TCint::ResetGlobals() + 0x21 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x008531df in TApplication::ProcessLine(char const*, bool, int*) + 0x155 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x00504fb3 in TRint::HandleTermInput() + 0x1dd from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x00503e0e in TTermInputHandler::Notify() + 0x24 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x00505868 in TTermInputHandler::ReadNotify() + 0x12 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x009834d1 in TUnixSystem::CheckDescriptors() + 0x143 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x009823c7 in TUnixSystem::DispatchOneEvent(bool) + 0x161 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x008b77fc in TSystem::InnerLoop() + 0x18 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x008b77a1 in TSystem::Run() + 0x6f from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x0085415e in TApplication::Run(bool) + 0x32 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x00504aae in TRint::Run(bool) + 0x33c from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/
0x080488dd in main + 0x71 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/bin/root.exe
0x0884579d in __libc_start_main + 0xed from /lib/tls/
0x080487e1 in _Unwind_Resume + 0x31 from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/bin/root.exe

This problem was fixed this afternoon in CVS.


Hello, Rene.

It’ strange, but I still have this problem - I’ve just downloaded ROOT from CVS: cvs -z3 checkout -P root.

gdb gave me (when closing canvas):

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread -1218582272 (LWP 29571)]
0x011b0450 in TGCanvas::~TGCanvas () from /soft/alice/tpochep/root/lib/

valgrind gaves a lot of errors (I do not think I need to post this “diagnostic”)


I would like to confirm that this bug was fixed yesterday. I cannot reproduce your case closing a canvas, the TBrowser or an object’s inspector.

Cheers, Ilka

Hello, Ilka.

Yes, it’s OK now.