gSystem->Load("") can not load debug info


I’m trying to debug a shared library in root cint with Emacs-gdb.

The steps is

  1. emacs
  2. (in emcas) gdb root
  3. (in emacs) run
  4. (switch to root cint) gSystem->Load(“”)
  5. (switch to emacs)
  6. (in emacs) break classname::function()
    get error message
    Function “***::***” not defined.

I tried same procedures on other platform(RACF/root4star), It works, the break point can be set.
But on my local platform, It can not load debug info.
It looks like I didn’t build my root correct.

BTW, debugging a compiled code linked against goes well.

Please help me to figure out what is wrong with my debugging procedure, and how to fix?


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ROOT Version: root6
Platform: CentOS 7
Compiler: gcc9

Most likely "” was not compiled with debug symbol (-g).

Hi @pcanal,

“” is compiled with debug symbol. Even I tried to set breakpoint in TTree::TTree, the same error happens.

break 'classname::function'
or try to tab complete?


(in emcas) gdb root

If you meant that literally then you need to use:

(in emcas) gdb root.exe

or set gdb to follow to the child process of a fork.

Hi @pcanal

Great, “gdb root.exe” works. Thanks!
I didn’t know there is difference between root and root.exe.


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