gSystem->GetBuildCompiler Change?

Hi, after updating my MacPorts ROOT, a bunch of my stuff stopped working.

I have tracked down a candidate for the source of my woes, and it seems to be that gSystem->GetBuildCompiler now returns a full path (/opt/local/bin/clang+±mp-3.2) instead of the name of something on $PATH (previously just clang+±mp-3.2). This messes up some startup scripts that I had which look for the result of GetBuildCompiler in the result of GetMakeSharedLib and inserts some important options. Now those scripts fail because the strings aren’t matched. It seems awkward to manually chop of the string, and I am now worried about it breaking at a future update.

Did GetBuildCompiler get changed at some point to return an absolute path? I think GetBuildCompiler and GetMakeSharedLib should use the same (absolute or relative) path naming for the compiler. Is it possible this change came from outside ROOT itself, like maybe the way MacPorts builds the program?