GSL Warnings with the last version of ROOT v5.34.03

Dear all,

I’m using the MathMore library to have access to the ROOT::Math::GSLIntegrator.

I had some warnings from the the GSL via ROOT such as :

and I suppressed them by redefining the GSLError.h in my source code :

// Header file for class GSLError

#ifndef ROOT_Math_GSLError
#define ROOT_Math_GSLError

//#if defined(G__DICTIONARY) 

#include "gsl/gsl_errno.h"

#include "TError.h"
#include "TSystem.h"

namespace ROOT { 
   namespace Math { 

         class to change GSL Error handler to use ROOT one. 
         It is used only when building the dictionary (G__DICTIONARY is defined) 
         and not in the stand-alone version of the library. 
         In that case the default GSL error handler is used  

      class GSLError { 

	GSLError() { 
	  gsl_set_error_handler_off();//&GSLError::Handler); // JLK : turn off message errors from GSL
	  // set a new handler for GSL 

         static void Handler(const char * reason, const char * file, int line, int gsl_errno)  { 

	   Error("GSLError","Error %d in %s at %d : %s",gsl_errno,file,line,reason);


// re-define the default error handler when loading the library
ROOT::Math::GSLError gGSLError; 


#endif /* ROOT_Math_GSLError */

Since the last version of ROOT, even if I redefine the GSLError.h header, I can’t get ride of the GSL errors, and I’ve got a tone of line like this :

Is there an new way to get ride of them?

I’m using a macbook pro with Mac OS 10.7.5 and the last version of ROOT root_v5.34.03 compiled from source with the following options :



Hi Julien,

Do you still see the problem with v5.34/10?