gROOT->Reset() in ROOT6 / loading code in unnamed macro

Dear ROOTers,

coming from ROOT5, I noticed that in ROOT6 (v 6.02.05) a gROOT->Reset() at the beginning of an unnamed macro is just ignored. Without this instruction, ROOT complains for all the redefinition of variables and the net effect is that I have to exit and restart ROOT every time.
Is it the intended behaviour and/or is there a new way to run unnamed macro multiple times?

Another unexpected behaviour is that I cannot load code/libraries within unnamed macros with either of the following:
gROOT->ProcessLine(".L mylib.cpp++")
gSystem->CompileMacro( …etc… )

ROOT6 just silently ignores the lines and continue with the rest of the unnamed macro.
However I noticed that if the unnamed macro contains ONLY this line, the code/library is loaded (not very practical anyway)

Am I missing something?

Thanks a lot,

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