gROOT->ProcessLine(".X blup.C") with arguments

Dear all,

I have a simple problem and couldn’t solve it with the help of this forum or the users guide since 2 days.

I have an array of scripts which should take the output arguments from the last one, passing into the next one and so on.

But unfortunately I can’t get ROOT to pass my arguments into the next script. Here is a simple example:

The main macro:

void Analysis(){
// code
double result1 = something;
double result2 = something2;
gROOT->ProcessLine(".X doAnalysis.C(result1,result2)");
}//close main macro

The embedded macro:

void doAnalysis(double a, double b){
cout << " test execution of macro " << endl;
cout << " result1: " << a << endl;
cout << " result2: " << b << endl;
}//close embedded macro

If I pass numbers directly, for example:
I get the expected output:
test execution of macro
result1: a
result2: b

If I try to pass variables from the calculations in the main script, I get the errors:

input_line_98:2:14: error: use of undeclared identifier ‘result1’
(doAnalysis(result1, result2))
input_line_98:2:23: error: use of undeclared identifier ‘result2’
(doAnalysis(result1, result2))

It seems this problem is to simple to find some answers, but maybe some of you could solve it easily?

Best regards,

gROOT->ProcessLine(Form(".x doAnalysis(%f,%f)",result1,result2));
should work if result1 and result2 are float or double. Otherwise, replace %f by the apporpriate type.

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Thanks a lot, it worked!
So easy that it hurts, knowing that I have wasted 2 days for this…

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