gROOT->ProcessLine("#include ... slower than before

ROOT Version: 6.22.02
Platform: mac OS X 10.06

Hi all,
After upgrade to ROOT ver6.22.02,
It takes longer time for loading rootlogon.C than before
I’ve test for the reason
It seems I’ve a line

gROOT->ProcessLine("#include <ROOT_cx.hh>");

I include all of the header file I’ve used in this header
It takes longer time than before.
I cannot find a solution for this

Hello cxwx1,

Can you please attach the file ROOT_cx.hh? Which version of ROOT were you using before the upgrade? Also, can you provide the previous and new execution times?


attach file
ROOT_cx.hh (3.4 KB)

before I upgrade to 6.22.02
I used ver 6.20.02

Hello cxwx1,

Can you please create a GitHub issue so that can investigate this further. Please, attach the provided file and any other files that are required to reproduce the problem.

Can you also please provide the time it took to parse the header (before and after the update), if you have that information? Thanks.


but I’m not sure the reason if the problem is cause by ROOT, or it’s because I upgrade my Mac OS X

Thanks, @cxwx1. We have classified the issue accordingly.

You didn’t mentioned before that you also made other software changes in your environment. Anyway, we will try to reproduce the issue with the provided information.

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