Graph plotting

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I have the following question. I plotted with gnuplot file example.gnu two data files, example.dat and example1.dat , which I cannot plot with root. Could you please give a look at the root Icfluc.C and tell me where I make mistakes ?
I attached the root file, the gnuplot file and the ps files produced respectively by Icflux.C and by example.gnu . The two data files are given below.

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1.000E-03 2.945E-27
1.262E-03 3.244E-27
1.592E-03 3.440E-27
2.009E-03 3.570E-27
2.535E-03 3.567E-27
3.199E-03 3.516E-27
4.037E-03 3.332E-27
5.094E-03 3.124E-27
6.428E-03 2.795E-27
8.111E-03 2.475E-27
1.024E-02 2.065E-27
1.292E-02 1.707E-27
1.630E-02 1.312E-27
2.057E-02 9.997E-28
2.595E-02 7.013E-28
3.275E-02 4.875E-28
4.132E-02 3.098E-28
5.214E-02 1.942E-28
6.579E-02 1.117E-28
8.302E-02 6.287E-29
1.048E-01 3.306E-29
1.322E-01 1.667E-29
1.668E-01 7.722E-30
2.105E-01 3.204E-30
2.656E-01 1.176E-30
3.352E-01 3.082E-31
4.229E-01 8.353E-32
5.337E-01 1.401E-32
6.734E-01 3.189E-33
8.498E-01 4.122E-34
1.072E+00 9.396E-35
1.353E+00 1.451E-35
1.707E+00 4.940E-36
2.154E+00 2.847E-36
2.719E+00 3.490E-36
3.430E+00 5.189E-36
4.329E+00 8.136E-36
5.462E+00 1.291E-35
6.893E+00 2.053E-35
8.697E+00 3.268E-35
1.097E+01 5.202E-35
1.385E+01 8.280E-35
1.748E+01 1.318E-34
2.205E+01 2.097E-34
2.783E+01 3.337E-34
3.511E+01 5.310E-34
4.431E+01 8.447E-34
5.591E+01 1.343E-33
7.055E+01 2.136E-33
8.902E+01 3.397E-33
1.123E+02 5.399E-33
1.417E+02 8.578E-33
1.789E+02 1.363E-32
2.257E+02 2.163E-32
2.848E+02 3.433E-32
3.594E+02 5.444E-32
4.535E+02 8.629E-32
5.722E+02 1.367E-31
7.221E+02 2.162E-31
9.112E+02 3.418E-31
1.150E+03 5.397E-31
1.451E+03 8.511E-31
1.831E+03 1.340E-30
2.310E+03 2.107E-30
2.915E+03 3.306E-30
3.678E+03 5.177E-30
4.642E+03 8.087E-30
5.857E+03 1.260E-29
7.391E+03 1.958E-29
9.326E+03 3.031E-29
1.177E+04 4.677E-29
1.485E+04 7.185E-29
1.874E+04 1.099E-28
2.364E+04 1.672E-28
2.984E+04 2.531E-28
3.765E+04 3.806E-28
4.751E+04 5.683E-28
5.995E+04 8.418E-28
7.565E+04 1.235E-27
9.545E+04 1.789E-27
1.205E+05 2.552E-27
1.520E+05 3.577E-27
1.918E+05 4.898E-27
2.420E+05 6.509E-27
3.054E+05 8.330E-27
3.854E+05 1.012E-26
4.863E+05 1.164E-26
6.136E+05 1.263E-26
7.743E+05 1.293E-26
9.770E+05 1.257E-26
1.233E+06 1.162E-26
1.556E+06 1.026E-26
1.963E+06 8.667E-27
2.477E+06 6.946E-27
3.126E+06 5.161E-27
3.944E+06 3.222E-27
4.977E+06 4.756E-28
6.280E+06 0.000E+00
7.925E+06 0.000E+00
1.000E+07 0.000E+00

1.000E-03 5.454E-25
1.262E-03 6.051E-25
1.592E-03 6.477E-25
2.009E-03 6.792E-25
2.535E-03 6.877E-25
3.199E-03 6.881E-25
4.037E-03 6.645E-25
5.094E-03 6.357E-25
6.428E-03 5.835E-25
8.111E-03 5.310E-25
1.024E-02 4.591E-25
1.292E-02 3.952E-25
1.630E-02 3.218E-25
2.057E-02 2.626E-25
2.595E-02 2.029E-25
3.275E-02 1.580E-25
4.132E-02 1.169E-25
5.214E-02 8.749E-26
6.579E-02 6.237E-26
8.302E-02 4.493E-26
1.048E-01 3.047E-26
1.322E-01 2.055E-26
1.668E-01 1.250E-26
2.105E-01 7.436E-27
2.656E-01 3.974E-27
3.352E-01 2.073E-27
4.229E-01 1.063E-27
5.337E-01 5.575E-28
6.734E-01 3.071E-28
8.498E-01 1.829E-28
1.072E+00 1.175E-28
1.353E+00 8.396E-29
1.707E+00 6.417E-29
2.154E+00 5.560E-29
2.719E+00 5.293E-29
3.430E+00 6.034E-29
4.329E+00 7.770E-29
5.462E+00 1.114E-28
6.893E+00 1.677E-28
8.697E+00 2.597E-28
1.097E+01 4.070E-28
1.385E+01 6.422E-28
1.748E+01 1.016E-27
2.205E+01 1.612E-27
2.783E+01 2.558E-27
3.511E+01 4.061E-27
4.431E+01 6.448E-27
5.591E+01 1.024E-26
7.055E+01 1.625E-26
8.902E+01 2.578E-26
1.123E+02 4.089E-26
1.417E+02 6.481E-26
1.789E+02 1.026E-25
2.257E+02 1.624E-25
2.848E+02 2.568E-25
3.594E+02 4.056E-25
4.535E+02 6.397E-25
5.722E+02 1.008E-24
7.221E+02 1.585E-24
9.112E+02 2.488E-24
1.150E+03 3.899E-24
1.451E+03 6.096E-24
1.831E+03 9.509E-24
2.310E+03 1.479E-23
2.915E+03 2.295E-23
3.678E+03 3.548E-23
4.642E+03 5.465E-23
5.857E+03 8.385E-23
7.391E+03 1.281E-22
9.326E+03 1.947E-22
1.177E+04 2.943E-22
1.485E+04 4.421E-22
1.874E+04 6.598E-22
2.364E+04 9.770E-22
2.984E+04 1.435E-21
3.765E+04 2.086E-21
4.751E+04 2.998E-21
5.995E+04 4.258E-21
7.565E+04 5.957E-21
9.545E+04 8.202E-21
1.205E+05 1.108E-20
1.520E+05 1.473E-20
1.918E+05 1.917E-20
2.420E+05 2.431E-20
3.054E+05 2.995E-20
3.854E+05 3.548E-20
4.863E+05 4.052E-20
6.136E+05 4.447E-20
7.743E+05 4.695E-20
9.770E+05 4.793E-20
1.233E+06 4.726E-20
1.556E+06 4.509E-20
1.963E+06 4.151E-20
2.477E+06 3.649E-20
3.126E+06 2.978E-20
3.944E+06 2.030E-20
4.977E+06 3.009E-21
6.280E+06 0.000E+00
7.925E+06 0.000E+00
1.000E+07 0.000E+00
example.gnu.gz (447 Bytes)
Icflux.C (890 Bytes) (18.7 KB)

see file in attachement

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