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gPad->SaveAs("test.gif") does not always work



It is running on a local machine


Ok . I am rebuilding root o a linux machine. I will let you know if I can reproduce.


I can reproduce this issue on a linux machine.


In TGX11::WriteGIF there is indeed to many colors (1106 when max is 256). An error message is issued saying that but the Error Log level has been set too high just before (in TPad::Print) and therefore the message does not show. I will check why it has been set that high.


I have enabled the error message when the image on screen has too many colors to be converted in a GIF file. The message also suggest to try the conversion in batch mode.


Thank you very much @couet for the time you spent on it.


Very useful information! But it failed to work. So for now I use a screen recorder to create a GIF file.


Can you be more precise ?


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