Gold Deconvolution, time series data. Unexpected result

Hi Folks,

I’ve got my example data into the method now and have started to test it. There are some parts to this which don’t seem to work as well as I’d expected.

This is my input

This is my output

I was expecting a negative spike followed by a positive spike (which I got) followed by a negative spike. Does anyone have any experience on using Gold Deconvolution and why this result occurs. I realise it was designed around histograms and not time series data so this may be a cause.

This is the example I am trying to replicate from, DONDURUR (2010)


Hi @Whitt,

Could you give us a bit more background/context on what you are trying to achieve? Also, it would be great if you could also provide a minimal code excerpt of what you have so far.


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