GoHEP/groot: v0.28.0 (writing user "classes")

hi there,

quite happy to announce the release of Go-HEP@v0.28.0.

The main new feature of that release (among fixes and code gardening) is the ability to write “structured trees”, ie: write trees with Go user types (that are translated into their C++ equivalent).


type Event struct {
    I32 int32      `groot:"i32"` // -> translated into Int_t
    Sli []float32  `groot:"sli"` // -> std::vector<float>
    Ps  []Particle `groot:"ps"`  // -> std::vector<Particle>

type Particle struct {
    Chg float32   `groot:"charge"`
    Alg string    `groot:"alg_name"` // -> std::string
    Mom []float64 `groot:"mom"`      // -> std::vector<double>

here are complete examples: