Go-HEP - v0.7: 3 new ROOT related commands (+ eye candy)

hi there,

I’ve just released v0.7 of Go-HEP:

The main ROOT-related news is that 3 new commands have been added to Go-HEP:

  • rootio/cmd/root-dump: a command to dump the content of ROOT files, including the entries of TTrees,
  • rootio/cmd/root-diff: a command to print the differences between 2 ROOT files, including the content of their TTrees,
  • rootio/cmd/root-print: a command to print histograms contained in ROOT files into PDF, PNG, … files.

Slightly related to ROOT, pawgo (a nod to PAW, the ancestor of ROOT) has gained the ability to plot 2-dim histograms.

Also plots with Go-HEP gained a new default style, more in-line with matplotlib default style: