gFile dissapears?

Hi all,
if i enter the following interactively to a ROOT 3.10/03 session the gFile Object seems to dissapear, is this a “feature” or just a bug, and is my code valid to change the current directory (that’s what i want to do).

root [0] TFile f("purvseff.sig.root")
root [1] gDirectory->pwd()
root [2] gFile->pwd()
root [3] gDirectory->cd("Rint:/")
root [4] gDirectory->pwd()
root [5] gFile
(class TFile*)0x0
root [6] gFile->pwd()
Error: illegal pointer to class object gFile 0x0 51  FILE:(tmpfile) LINE:1
*** Interpreter error recovered ***
root [7]

Cheers, J.

This is the expected behaviour. gFile is the file of teh current directory.
Setting the cd to Rint/, sets gDirectory to "Rint/ and gFile to 0.