GetZaxis on a THStack?

Hi Rooters,
I’m trying to plot a THStack made of TH2I histograms. My issue is that I cannot use GetZaxis() on the THStack because this function is not defined in the class: Thus, I cannot do something like:


Is this a mistake in the class definition linked above, or am I using the wrong command to set the title? I found that if I open my canvas in interactive mode, I can right click on the axis and change it manually. However, this is very impractical.

Side question, to anyone who might know: I’d like to remove numbers that contain a “.5” in the x-axis of my histogram (seen below). Can this be done, and if so, how?

Thanks for your time,

Z-axis: call h_stack->GetHistogram()->GetZaxis() (don’t call it before you Draw() the stack)

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