Getting the entries of each bin?


I am trying to make a graph which is sort of like TProfile except it would plot using the median rather than the mean of the entries inside each bin. (Is there anything already made for this kind of graphs? I’m hoping I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel here) I could not find any function that can get the contents of each bin for me, I’m wondering if such thing exists? GetBinContent seem to return only one double rather than an array of numbers, so I am a little at loss here.



We do not have options to plot the median.
see functions in TProfile: GetBinContent, GetBinEntries, GetBinEffectiveEntries.


If I use GetBinEntries, where is the output of that stored/shown?
P.S. I am new to ROOT. I apologize if the question is stupid.


The output is the return value of the function.double output = profhisto->GetBinEntries(binnumber);