Getting TH1F from TFrame


I am trying to save the TH1Fs in separate files from this kind of code (is a TMVA class)

test.C (9.28 KB)

but with no success… Could you please advice ? In particular, I would like to keep the exact same format / drawing options.



{ // Note: run "test.C" first in order to create all histograms TFile *f = 0; // if (f) delete f; f = new TFile("frameTMlpANN.root", "RECREATE"); f->cd(); frameTMlpANN->SetOption("axis"); // Set the default drawing option(s) frameTMlpANN->Write(); delete f; f = new TFile("MVA_TMlpANN_S.root", "RECREATE"); f->cd(); MVA_TMlpANN_S->SetOption("same hist"); // Set the default drawing option(s) MVA_TMlpANN_S->Write(); delete f; f = new TFile("MVA_TMlpANN_B.root", "RECREATE"); f->cd(); MVA_TMlpANN_B->SetOption("same hist"); // Set the default drawing option(s) MVA_TMlpANN_B->Write(); delete f; } Note: the “line color” of the “MVA_TMlpANN_S” histogram will be wrong (use basic colors 0 - 49 only).