Getting security warning with Firefox 33 when logging in

Hello. Whenever I try to login to the forum here, Firefox 33 (on Ubuntu Trusty 64 bit) gives me a warning in the transition to https saying:

and if I examine the technical details it is because the certificate is signed by the “CERN signing authority” or something (IOW, a self-signed certificate) which for some reason Firefox doesn’t recognize. So every time I am having to say “Make this an exception” or do “Permanently store this exception” which I am reluctant to do.

Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions how I can get Firefox to recognize the certificate (and not handle it as an exception)?

I’ve got the same with Chrome 38


That’s because we use a CERN certificate. I’ll request to get an “official” one.



We now have a publicly known Comodo certificate for

Cheers, Axel.